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  • Disclose and discuss ongoing and planned monitoring, biological and physical modeling, and analysis and synthesis related to voluntary species recovery and water management goals.


  • Disclose and discuss priorities for reducing uncertainty regarding the conditions necessary to achieve desired fishery and water management goals by developing and applying one or more conceptual models linking actions to expected outcomes to provide for transparency in the scientific basis for decision making and priorities.

  • Identify and pursue opportunities to consolidate the number of collaborative forums addressing fishery needs in the upper Sacramento River watershed and support a regional structured decision-making process (that includes structured decision-making under the Central Valley Project Improvement Act).

  • Coordinate a Science and Monitoring Plan for the upper Sacramento River that is integrated with other science and monitoring efforts addressing Central Valley salmon stocks.

  • Develop and undertake experimental actions to test hypotheses and address shared priority management questions.

  • Facilitate and establish protocols for collaboration among the scientific and stakeholder community for the discussion of findings, prior to publication, and the shared synthesis of new science into decision support models.

  • Identify and understand the trade-offs of decisions between different species and water uses.

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