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Research Priorities

The Sacramento River Science Partnership Charter includes the following research priorities:

  • Understanding temperature tolerances and other conditions necessary for salmonid egg incubation and early life stages.

  • Understanding non-temperature sources of mortality including, pathogens, predation, lack of suitable spawning habitat, and redd de-watering, among others.

  • Understanding conditions necessary for juvenile spring-run survival.

  • Assessing the quantity, condition and habitat needs of emerging juvenile fry and smolts, including synthesizing information from existing monitoring and advances in genetics and otolith research, and exploring management relevance.

  • Developing decision support tools for species recovery including physical and biological modeling and exploring integration with management questions including understanding effects between species.

  • Understanding research needs associated with reintroductions of winter run Chinook Salmon.

  • Understanding the fishery needs within the Sacramento Mainstem with a focus on salmonids and concern for other species of interest as well.

  • Understanding key physical and engineering constraints associated with operations and diversions.

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